Feature wish: PDF presentation mode

It is great to have a powerful PDF editor available directy in the app. I use my iPad for presentations a lot, but I still need another app to show PDFs without any UI elements on the beamer.

Why not integrate a simple (or better) presentation mode? I am sure many professionals have a need for that.

Why not just use the “other” app to display the PDF?

I don’t like to use the “other” app. It makes things unnecessarily complicated:

I sometimes make annotations in the PDF during the presentation. I want those changes to be written and synced back over DTTG. So the current workflow is to open the “other” app, from there search DTTG, select the correct database, search the file, open and present. This feels also kind of the “wrong way”.

Sending the file from DTTG to the “other” app disables writing the changes back, so this is no option.

DTTG has all I need, but is permanently showing some UI elements. Probably they would be really simple to hide for the developers to add another great function to DTTG. The desktop version, by the way, has this mode included.