features of upcoming DevonAgent?

Hi, i am currently trialling both DT Pro and DA. I am sold on the former, but not so sure of the latter; it works, yes, and i’m sure it has a lot of potential, but it wasn’t as integrated with DT as i thought it would be, and it lacks feautres that are now givens in a solid browser, such as tabbed browsing, simple ways of adding rss feeds (whether to itself, or to DT Pro - a one-click method would be best), calling it up from within DT Pro (“see also” from DevonThink that exclusively focues on what’s on the Web) etc.

I think i’ve seen tabbed browsing mentioned elsewhere, but am not certain. Could someone from “inside” please give us a quick (if non-committal) idea of what’s being planned for the upcoming major DevonAGENT release, and if there is any projected timeframe for it? It would really help someone trying to make a decision to commit to a piece of software, or not.


I use DEVONagent as my default browser, because the options for adding content to DT Pro via contextual menu options are quicker and more convenient that with Safari, Firefox, Camino, etc. One can also save material in DA’s Archive.

If you have a topic interest requiring that you keep up with new literature appearing on the Web, DA’s scheduled search features may blow you away when you try them.

Tabbed browsing is coming. Won’t be too long from now, but I won’t give a date. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using RSS feeds in both DT Pro and DA for some time. Improvements have been added a number of times, and I anticipate more in coming releases.

Your wish to use DT Pro’s “See Also” for the Internet would – literally interpreted – be a bit ambitious. The current limitations of CPUs, IO and drive space make that impractical. But when I’ve run a good search strategy in DA, it’s a one-click process to transfer the search results to my DT Pro database.