Features request: Expressions in Custom Meta Data

It would make Devon think a really unbeatable database app (if it even can get better as it already is the best…thanks for that!) If meta data fields could hold expressions working with other fields and file data.
Simple calculations, regex stuff with the name etc.
I know it’s possible with apple scripts and stuff. But it would be so great if there is a custom meta data fields called “functions” in that you could enter simple expressions that could also reference other data points throughout the app.


Would a search then find the value or the formula?

it should find the value. like it would in a spreadsheet or database I guess?

At least for numerical custom values which would be automatically calculated using other numerical custom values this might be possible in a future release depending on overall interest. The code of our free CalcService contains already the required parser in the end :slight_smile:

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that sounds at least as a “maybe its not too complicated” :slight_smile:

coming from database applications like airtable and spreadsheet stuff like excel and google sheets i´m maybe too used to huge customisation options in formula fields … with access to all kinds of data-expressions possible.

probably my mind is just going to far off track to whats the best usecase and workflow in devonthink. and probably its possible to do this with applescript or java outside the app as well.

i just got carried away :slight_smile:
(is there a feature request poll section to see what other users are craving for and to up-vote features that are interesting?)

thanks again for taking the time! cheers

That would be JavaScript and inside the app. The script can’t run outside because it needs access to the app’s data.

sure - I maybe didnt use the right grammar here … im not english native :wink:

thats what i meant - i just understand, that i can not “code inside the app” … so java and applescript are running and be coded “outside”

“inside” for me would be “i just type a formula in a field inside the app - without the need for knowing an external coding language”

Regardless of your mother tongue (mine isn’t English either): the language’s name is Java_Script_. Java is a completely different beast and can’t be used to script anything. AFAIK.

thats true … again what i meant - just not the correct lingo :wink: