Feedback concerning syncing ...


-How can I sync with my iPhone/iPad with ony ONE click?
(I always have to press the sync-logo, and then I have to choose a Mac in the local netw., and then the database, and by pressing “sync” the sync-process starts. I my opinion a sync should start automatically after done any change and not after 2, 3, 4 clicks or choosing something (and these changes are always the same!).)

- I have to get used to the “sync-folder” in a database, and all outside of this folder is not getting synced. does it make sense?
(In my opinion its too much moving around/replicating (?). How quick can I forget a folder to add to the sync-folder?! happens quickly!)

- What about the “EINGANG” (?) folder? This one is NOT getting synced?

- DTtogo: start a sync - I have to go to the main level. Why cant I start a sync not from everywhere?

- How do I start a synch on the Mac?



This is not possible with the current sync, but we are working on a new sync process which will make this possible, as we agree that you shouldn’t have to configure it every time.

Both of these behaviors will be changed in the new sync process so whole databases will be synced.

This is largely due to a limitation with the current sync process. No promises for the new sync, but we’ll consider that change.

This is not currently possible and is not planned for the first version of the new sync process, but we can consider this for the future.

Ok, I am surprised how the sync process is still “underdeveloped” (?) - was hoping that I just have not found how to get it easier. Well, I hope the new version comes out soon (when?), because at the moment its too “long-winded”.

Maybe you could have a look on Evernote - sync works much better and easier there, more intuitive.