Feedback on 2.0?

Fellow users: Is 2.0 stable enough, reliable enough, to make the switcheroo right now? Or are we reluctant pioneers better off waiting awhile until the early bugs are worked out?

Just guess, why they are calling it a public beta?

Its running very nice for most of the users, however the big userbase is finding small errors every day.
If it is good for you, depends on your requirements and your data. If you are running mission critical stuff…i would wait at least the next 1-2 minor releases, and do extensive testing with your data before you switch over.

If you have good backups of your current databases, want to taste the new and shiny DT and are prepeared finding some small things that still needs to be fixed…go and try it out by yourself.

From your question i think you are type two…so grab it and play with it…

I’d originally intended to hang back and run both DTPO 1x and DTPO2x separately, but then said, “What the heck,” backed up my most recent databases and then converted my current four databases into DTPO2x, used it for a couple of days of fairly intensive work, paid for the upgrade and haven’t looked back, nor had any serious issues with 2x. A couple of the new features don’t send me soaring yet, but I haven’t crashed. :smiley:

Thanks much. :wink: