Feedback on DTPro (p2)

Dear DT Team,

it seems about time to ventilate, how much of an improvement the Pro version is to me :smiley: Though arriving much later than anticipated, all rancour has vanished meanwhile.

Ofcourse, the most important new feature is the ability to have more than one database, which makes things much more ordered for me. It took some time to build the new databases but now everything is much better organized… maybe its only because I went through all the files with a more thorough knowledge of how to classify my data… Anyways, I even believe that being able to open more than one database at once is counterproductive, because eventually, there is not much difference between one database with different top-level groups and different opened databases (except for the artificial intelligence-engine). Being tied to one open database imposes a more structured thinking on the user… (art requires the restriction of means :wink:

Also, since noone seemed to notice, the new icon looks great! (Since we are all mac users, look matters)

The full-screen mode needs refinement IMO. I for one like a blue screen with white letters (and even cooler: instead of the blinking line-cursor a block-cursor). Maybe, there should be a separate preference setting for the full screen mode. Also, if I choose a blue background and write at te bottom of the screen, new lines appear white and only turn blue, if shifted further up. Anyways, these are all minor gripes.

Apart from little things (which I might post in the troubleshoot/request category) I am really enthusiastic about the Pro version. I use it everyday. Thought, I’d let you know.

All the best,


Great quote, Daniel. It’s going into my dtbase!

I’ll echo the wonder of DTPro.

Thank you one and all.