few tools to manage replicants

I use replicants extensively to manage articles in related groups, but I have found that the tools available to manage these replicants is thin and the documentation is even thinner. Regarding the second observation: only by searching this forum did I discover that the contextual menu for a listed item appears to show the paths to the set of replicant locations. There is NO documentation describing the form and function of this menu. Aside from that, there is only the “next instance”/'previous instance" items in the “Go” menu. This is the only function described in the manual for discovering replcant locations. The get info window is ridiculous. So what if there are n replicants, why can’t it list the locations? The “Reveal” function after a search picks one replicant, seemingly at random with no indication of the locations of other instances. Is this a poor step child function? Am I relying on a weakly supported feature in DEVONthink?

I’m not aware of a contextual menu item that shows the paths of other instances of a selected replicant. That would be neat, though.

It is neat, but undocumented, and it isn’t really good enough from a meta data management point of view. To see the paths right click on any replicant item in a document list. This contextual menu has about 16 items. Navigate to one of the three sub-menus: Duplicate To, Replicate To, or Move To in about the center of the menu. The top segment of the sub-menu shows all the paths for the item selected.

Works for other than replicants, as it can also show the location of duplicates, and serves to display the full location path of a ‘single’ file, as well.

This is likely a ‘test bed’ for features that have been often requested, and may not be the final form of those features. Hence undocumented – I didn’t find it in ‘What’s New’.

But it does let me quickly find other locations of duplicates or replicants, or see the full location path of a deeply nested document.

Thanks for pointing this out, as I hadn’t noticed it. :slight_smile:

Holy crap! This [both the contextual menu trick and the “Go” menu items] exists???

I was just about to post asking for something like this the other day (maybe I did… I can’t remember). Once again, I’m blown away by the talent of the DEVON developers, as well as their skill at keeping these features hidden :wink: