File index off offline servers/USB drives gets lost

Hi Everybody,
I’ve tried today to index a fileserver which works fine. When i switch off the server (because it is just a random used one) and update the index all index information of the server gets lost.

Is this a wanted behavior? Shouldn’t DEVONsphere ask the user if the index shall be deleted and/or if it is a not permeant connected device?
e.g. when a not permanent connected USB Drive is indexed it also would not make sense to clean the index.

The only workaround i found, was not to use the automatic indexing. I just using indexing on request where I ensure that all relevant drives/servers are connected and online.

Right now it’s indeed the intended behaviour to remove all not existing files/folders automatically from the index. DEVONsphere Express’ primary application is to index your Mac but not (yet) to create indexes for unmounted volumes.

Thanks for the quick reply. However this could be a feature which gives you a USP (unique selling point) due to the fact that e.g. Spotlight is also deleting information from not connected drives. Think about.

I solve my topic by indexing these directories with DEVONthink. So In case I make now an search but the network drive/USB drive is offline it is still shown in the result of DEVONthink.