File link present, file in indexed external folder, but can't find file in DT3

I replaced one file in my DT3 database with another one of the same name, and deleted the original. I made an item-link of the file to Scrivener. When I click on the link in Scrivener, the file pdf pops up, like it should. HOWEVER, if I search for the file name in DT3 I cannot find the file. I rebuilt the database and still cannot find the file but the link still works! The database is indexed to an external folder and the file is there but it is NOT in DT3. How can the link work if it is not in DT3, and why did it not index when I rebuilt the database; everything else seems to have done OK.
What is going on?
Don Spady

A screen capture of the search could be helpful.

Attached 3 photos. 1 shows search, 2 shows annotation 3 shows annotation with link activated and ‘real’ pdf in bottom window.
In addition to what I had written earlier, I had also written an annotation on the file. It is present in the annotations part of DT3, and when I click on a link in that file (back link from Annotations), the ‘real’ pdf shows up in the bottom window. But there does not appear to be any similar file in the top window.

When you look at the image with the filenames listed, there is none, apart from the annotation, with the file name of interest. It has the same name as the annotation.

Double-click the PDF to open it in a document window.
Command-click the window title to show the location dropdown.
Where is the file located?

  1. I right-clicked the Annotation in the top window to find the location, It was:
    users>donaldspady>Documents>DevonthinkData>MyFilesNov2020.dtbase2>Files.noindex>rtf>7>functional dysphonia #Mar21-117 (Annotation).rtf

  2. I also tried to command-click the pdf in the document window but got no menu item to show location. I used Services to find the pdf file using ForkLift. The pdf file was in donaldspady>Documents>EagleLibrary>Files>filename.pdf

  3. I used copy page link to put the link into scrivener and then edited it and got
    page link

  4. I then edited my existing link to the document (from Scrivener) to find the url link. It is
    link to document

Command-clicked where?
You should Command-click the window title, like so…

It was in the trash. I guess when I deleted/replaced the file I was a bit too fast and both got stuck in the trash.
That brings up the question, when I rebuilt the database last night, would not that file have been incorporated into the ‘new’ version of the database?

Thanks very much for your help and patience.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

If the indexed file is in the database’s Trash, it won’t be indexed again. You’d need to empty the Trash.

Thanks. I will remember that.