File links back to Apple email

Running Sonoma 14.4.1 -

Today I dragged a file attached to an email from Apple mail onto the desktop and noticed the small, light mail icon appearing next to the file name on the desktop icon of the file. (read slowly to follow that :slight_smile: )

It turns out the file has a “Show in Mail” link from the contextual mouse menu that when selected, opens the specific email containing the file. no hacks, macros, scripts, etc necessary

For me that is GOLD!

If the email into DT the option is no longer there.
If the file is brought into DT the option is no longer there.

Can this link be incorporated in DT such that when the or email is brought in the functionality is still available?

It’s unclear how accessible this is. We make no promises but the request is noted.

Do note I am poking around and discussing this with development. Something may be possible, though I can’t speak for them.

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I would definitely love this too!:ok_hand::+1: