File links opens browser


I have links to folders on my hard drive that DTP (2.0pb4) would usually open in the Finder (or Path Finder, which I am mostly using). The links would look something like this:


However, when I now click on it, Safari opens up and fails. I have tried to select the link and chose ‘Edit Link’ it looks like this:


Now here’s the weird thing - if I create a new link to exactly the same folder it look completely the same in DTP, i.e.:

BUT when I click ‘edit link’ it looks like this:

and now when I click the link it opens up correctly in Path Finder. However, if I quit DTP and open it again, the ‘http://’ has been added when I select ‘edit link’ and the link is now wrongly opened up in Safari.

I think this only started happen a couple of days ago - I remember this working correctly a week ago. Any ideas what is going on here? I really rely on being able to open these links correctly in the Finder/PathFinder.

Thanks very much - version 2.0 is looking goooood :wink:.

Unfortunately the Cocoa text engine of Leopard is “fixing” links automatically. Instead of /Volumes/Drive_2/Lab/DATA/qPCR/09.01.26 use something like [file://localhost/Volumes/Drive_2/Lab/DATA/qPCR/09.01.26](file://localhost/Volumes/Drive_2/Lab/DATA/qPCR/09.01.26).

That seems to be working - thanks very much :wink:.