File lists not updating in DT 3.5.1

Since updating to 3.5.1, I am encountering a frustrating (and persistent) bug: when I import a file into the folder I’m currently looking at, or delete one, or duplicate one, etc, the result is not visible in the file list until I move to a different view – either, say, switch from columns to icons, or go to another folder and come back.

How do you import the item and what kind of item? Which view do you use? Is it a group or smart group?

This is happening with at least PDF files, Word files and emails. I haven’t tried with others.

Happens whether I import from the file menu or by dragging into the DT file view.

As I say, same problem arises with duplication and deletion.

Not a smart group. Happens when looking at the root database and at groups within it.

Happens in icon view, list view and column view.

Definitely doesn’t happen over here. Which version of macOS do you use?


Same over here. A screenshot before/after e.g. duplicating would be useful.

Here is a new, blank sample database in list view.

I then go to File > Import, and select a PDF file. Here is the same view after doing that:

I then switch to icon view and the imported file becomes visible:

I switch back to list view and I can see it there too:

Works fine here even after disabling the unified inboxes. A screenshot of Preferences > General might be useful too.

– I have not changed any of these settings in a long while
– This was not happening until I think yesterday, when I upgraded
– I also had a couple of crashes yesterday. I repaired the open databases and the crashes stopped

Is there some cache or prefs file I should try deleting or resetting, etc?

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!

You could try a second, clean user account (see System Preferences > Users & Groups…) first before resetting anything.

Um … restarting appears to have made the problem go away. Sorry. (The Mac, that is; I had restarted the app several times.)