File lost from Inbox during OCR and entering data DT3b1

A file is in the global inbox. I right-click it, and choose “OCR/to searchable PDF”. Whilst OCR is in progress, I open the information on the file by pressing Shift+CMD+i. OCR probably finishes whilst I am still in the process of entering data in the various fields, which includes adding a name and changing the date of creation. I’m unsure whether I closed the info-window or whether it closed itself - there is now no copy of the file in the global inbox, a single copy of the original file in trash (not OCR’d, but with the new file name and date of creation). The file in trash has no tags, so probably I was in the process of tagging at the moment the file was moved. I may have attempted to close the info-window by pressing ESC at the moment the file was moved.

In the preferences, DT3 is set to move files to trash following OCR.

I have tried but currently failed to replicate this behaviour. When I tried to perform the same measures on a further file, the OCR’d version of the file remained in the global inbox whilst the original was moved to trash. I will report any further incidences, but the occurrence seems to be down to bad timing.

(obviously I have retrieved the file from trash, so don’t need help for the problem as such)

Interesting. If you ever see this for sure, definitely let us know.
Perhaps the Info Inspector could be disabled for a specific file undergoing an OCR operation.
:stuck_out_tongue: (Sorry, that phrase amused me)

@cgrunenberg would have to assess the feasibility of that though, especially as this isn’t consistently reproducible and the Inspector would have to be aware of the current file and its state re: OCR.

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