File Naming Help Needed

I am using a Fujitsu ScanSnap with DTPO and currently my files come in with a file name like 2009_04_02_18_30_0.pdf. What I would like is to alter that default name because I find that I change every filename at this point. What I’d like is for it to be 09-0402.pdf or, some derivative of that that could have extra text between 09-0402 (the date) and the file extension. My eventual file names end up being something like “TimeWarner 09-0402” for a monthly bill, or maybe “TimeWarner 09-0402 Installation Notes” for other things. Not sure if this is the best naming approach, but it seems to work so that it sorts similar documents by category and then date. In some cases I put the date first, but most of the time I don’t. So can I change the default file name to show a non-standard date format?

ScanSnap Manager allows setting a custom file name.

Try, for example this: untitled 090402 001

In the database, you can substitute a term, e.g., TimeWarner for ‘untitled’, and either delete the 3-digit counter (which is necessary to keep from overwriting temporary files) or replace it, consistently perhaps with your example, Installation Notes.

So the final name of a searchable PDF might be ‘TimeWarner 090402 Installation Notes.pdf’.

Any idea how to include a data in the custom name? I tried setting the custom name to "yy-MMdd " and the resulting file name was “yy-MMdd 001.pdf” instead of “09-0403 001.pdf” which I expected.