File naming


I received a Word document via email to make some changes to it. I placed the document via the Devonthink sidebar into Devonthink. I opened it form Devonthink in Word. I then made some changes and saved the document (in Word) under an different name. Because i want to keep the original. When searching the document i couldn’t find it in Devonthink, searching via Word (recent files) learned that the changed document was placed in a numbererd directory. Do i have to save a changed document first in a specific (Finder) directory and then import the document into Devonthink?
If i make a duplicate or replicate first then i end up with a Word document with the extension [name].docx copy.docx. That might be confusing for my clients.
Can you help me out?
Regards Bob Vos

Suggestion: If you wish to keep the original of your Word document, first make a copy of it (Data > Duplicate). Now rename the copy, e.g., [name revision 1].docx (removing “copy” at the end of the name).

Now open the copy under Word, edit it and invoke File > Save in Word when finished. The changes will be saved to the copy you made in your database, and the original document will be unchanged.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to keep the revised document in your database, you could have opened it under Word, edited it, then used “File > Save As” and saved it to the Finder from Word.

I don’t run into that filename problem you found, as I’ve got DT Preferences set to not display extensions in the document Name.