File Never Downloads

I found a couple posts here on this topic, but no solution…
I have a few files in DT Destop that have the cloud icon but when I try to download, I just get a spinning wheel. Dont remember if I took the note on the mac (pretty sure) or DTTG which i’m just now trying out… in any case, I have an error in DTTG so maybe it has something to do with it?

Is a verification of the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) successful?

thank you for the quick reply… seems like it, both are synced… but on the phone I have that error that I posted the screenshot for… I did notice now on the iphone that the quick notes (there are 3 files called “quick notes” that have this problem) are empty… but the screenshot of the file on the mac has content in the thumbnail image (though I dont actually remember that I put that content there, so maybe it’s not a depiction of the contents but just part of the thumbnail image?). I’m also noticing that I have a file in the inbox of my phone that’s not in the desktop app.

The thumbnail is just a generic icon but the content is not yet available on the Mac and has to be downloaded. Was anything logged to Window > Log?

not that i see… I rebuilt the database, verified it, udpated index… I think i’ll just delete those notes.

but I have this strange behavoir, like folders that have the cloud icon but the items inside do not, and they never go away…

Are or were these indexed folders?

indexed… but I also have other folders like this… 3/4 have cloud icons that never go away… but one is fine… the folder contents are all there, just one web link each, so not sure what it’s attempting to download….

Does File > Update Indexed Items fix this?

no… also trying to figure out why some have a mac icon and some dont… all these weblinks are actually in the database (I thought they were linked to an outside folder)… not able to move them to my dropbox folder… pulling hair out. :wink:

One of the bookmarks has a thumbnail, maybe created automatically (see Preferences > Media > Thumbnails) or via Data > Thumbnail.

Where are you indexing from, e.g., Google Drive ?


  • Are you syncing with more than one Mac?
    • If so, is Dropbox linked on that machine?

yes, 2 macs, both linking to Dropbox…

Is the local Dropbox folder in the same location on both machines?

yes… thx for the help.

You’re welcome.

On the machine with the pending files (the ones with the cloud property icon), hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Please include a full size screen capture of DEVONthink with a pending file selected and the Info inspector visible.
Please also include a full size screen capture of DEVONthink on the good machine with the same file selected and the Info inspector open.


ill have to get back to this in the next days… thanks!

No problem. We’re not going anywhere :slight_smile: