"File not indexed" (when will it be?)

Dsphere express, so far, appears to be not working.

I have told the program what Folders to index. However, when I drop a file (.doc file) into the search window it finds nothing.

If I highlight the file in Finder, it says, File not Indexed.

The little green clock icon in right of search box is running.

Am I to assume that the indices are not compiled yet? Specifications said it would need two gigs–for the database I assume. Nothing like two gigs has been used yet.

Nonetheless, in preferences, when I update the index manually it runs right thru the folders, which would appear to indicate completion?

I’ll try to set it to “on startup” and reboot.

By the way, have seen no particularly high memory use. CPU use minuscule.

Is the dropped file stored in any of the indexed locations?

I get this “File not indexed” for searched files that are in the same folder within an indexed ‘Locations’ folder.

To the administrator:

Yes, the dropped file is in the one of the folders to be indexed.

The question arose in my mind that perhaps the program does not look too deeply into nested folders? So, after trying to index my named User folder, I tried with all of the pertinent subfolders. This did not work.

Today–with the program running for a while (indexing, presumably)–it works with regard to Mail and Addressbook and bookmarks. However, it does not work with .doc files.

Perhaps it is not meant to work with Word .doc files, only with .rtf? That would rule me out as a user.

In any case, after lots of tinkering I cannot persuade the application to aggregate pertinent files of the sort that I depend on.

For what it’s worth, it has not made a dent in my disk space; i.e., no large database has been created.

I must be missing something.



PS: Again, fwiw, I did not receive an email notification that my original post had been responded to. The notify-me-when box is checked.

Apparently, DevonSphereExpress cannot deal with .doc files. I can sort of understand that, but it does rather rule me out–not that I want to deal with .doc particularly, but so I must. Too bad.


I’ve just checked this and it’s working fine over here. Could you please send an example to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? In addition, is Microsoft Office installed on your computer too? Thanks in advance.

Dear Grunenberg–

Yes, MS Office is installed. I use Word all the time. I have thousands of Word files in the computer. What is it you want an example of, one of my .doc files?

Just to be clear, the hierarchy is this: Leopard [actually Snow Leopard] > Users > AlarikII > Alarik Folders. I put all my personal working folders, and the files therein, in a folder inside the User (~) folder called “Alarik Folders.” I don’t know if this makes a difference.

DSE does, in fact, follow the computer’s attention when for example I switch from an email to a web page. (That’s pretty damned clever!)

However, it’s my own files–the one’s I’ve created–that want the program to find.

The forum doesn’t send a notifying email when I post or when you post so I may not be checking back here in a timely way.

Thank you for your help and concern.