"File not yet available" but won't download

Some PDF files added via share extension in DTTG appear with an icon and text “File not yet available” when I open DTPO. I click the Download button below the icon, but nothing appears to happen and the file is not downloaded.

Is there a “fix” anyone could recommend for this behavior?

Are you using Download Files: On demand in DTTG?
Try duplicating the file in DTTG and see if the dupe syncs.

Duplicating the files worked for me. They show up in full on the next sync. Then I just delete the one that didn’t download.

The sync failure seems to happen only with files I scan with Scannable and import into DTTG with the share functionality of Scannable.

Welcome @JoeT and thanks for sharing that tip.

I’m not sure if any of us is running Scannable but we will see if it’s reproducible.