File not yet available without indexed files

But this only gives me the pending files in the messed up database. I was hoping to find a way to sync the files that were pending with those which are available in my older database.

The .dt3 file is a Spotlight metadata file only, nothing more. It is not the original file and only points to the last know location in a DEVONthink database.

It’s not possible to synchronize a database with an older copy of the same database. Both have the same identifier and this would either create a mess or do nothing at all.

What should be possible is to…

  1. Disable sync

  2. Open both the current and the backup database

  3. Use a script which searches for item:pending in the current database and looks for items with the same identifiers in the backup. If there’s an item in the backup, then the script would remove the item from the current database and finally move the item from the backup to the same location in the current database.

However, as both databases would be modified that way I would definitely suggest to use only copies of the current and the backup database.

  • What kind of WebDAV server are you using?
    • If an NAS, what kind?
    • Has its software or firmware been updated recently?


I am using a synology NAS DS918 with latest firmware. There was probably an update mid january, which was put onto it.

Just as a follow-up: Yes, that would be a bad idea if neither DEVONthink nor DEVONthink To Go have the contents of the files.

I figured that. :slight_smile:
I now got almost all files back from my backup from two weeks ago. 10 files came into after that, I will find a way to get those back.

I now setup the sync stores for all other devices and sync those, so everything should be back on track soon.

@BLUEFROG @cgrunenberg
Could you give me a hint what might have gone wrong and let to this? Just to get to know the “stolpersteine” for the future and how to avoid them.

Thanks for everyone with their help.

It’s unclear what the culprit may be. Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket. Perhaps there is something in the logs.

Thanks, I will. But from which machine and instance of DT should I do this? It seems that I had issues with MacMini, MacBookPro and iPhone.

The secondary Mac, if you could.