File not yet available

Hi team,

I’ve encountered a weird situation where there are 5 files in the Global Inbox that I cannot seem to move to a different database.

The file preview says “File not yet available”.

I click “Download” and get a spinner for a little while. Then nothing.

I’ve tried Verify & Repair and there doesn’t appear to be any errors on the database. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Did you create/import these files on another device/computer?

I created the document on an iPad Pro via DEVONthink to Go. Strangely though, I am having the same issue across all my devices.

If you created the file on the iPad, you have to be syncing the file for it to be present on other devices. Were you syncing with one location and recently added another location, which all devices are now syncing with?

No. All devices are showing themselves as fully synced - but no device can download the file (including the device from which I originally created it). I created the item by sharing a PDF from GoodNotes via the Share Extension (Clip to DEVONthink).

I’m thinking I’ll look to see if I have the original then delete those entries in DEVONthink Pro Office.

Seems like a strange bug though. Like the file is there but inaccessible.

OK…I think I’ve worked this out.

It turns out the items I had already moved the Inbox items to other databases. However, the index didn’t reflect that. Maybe something went wrong synchronising the indexes?

I deleted the items and now I’m all good again!

Strange, but I’m glad it’s working now. Keep an eye on it.