File size increase by OCR (150 ppi, 75%)

I recently started using a ScanSnap and upgrade to Pro Office.

When I run OCR on a PDF file (20 pages, 3 MB) at 150 ppi and 75% quality, the file size increases to 7,2 MB. I repeated the process a few times. I get similar ratios with other documents. It seems to be independent of input resolution and color mode.

When I reduce the quality to 50%, the file size increases slightly but the image quality is reduced.

The ABBY OCR tool bundled with ScanSnap does not increase the file size.

Can I tweak the OCR settings of Devonthink somehow? Is it normal that the file size increases that much?

150dpi / 75% should provide a smaller file, but the results may depend on the level of compression in the original document. The uncompressed file may be larger than 7MB.
Is the unaltered PDF (ie. no OCR) available to test?

I am sorry for not replying earlier.

I tried again with other types of files and it seems to be an issue with the PDF files generated by ScanSnap. For now I just use the OCR from ScanSnap. It works as expected with JPEGs etc.