FileMaker Pro records as individual (text-)files in DTPO

(first of all, I feel my English to be somewhat limited to describe my problem properly, please bear with me)

my old old FileMakerPro (6.x)-database holds a lot of information (some 5036 records) I collected during some period of my historical research. Individual records have a individual record-number as denominator and hold reference-information on literature I researched, including (quite long) excerpts/notes etc. This is even more true and important in case of archival material which forms the other portion the files. I had to transcribe a lot of texts because of limitations in the number o copies I could pay for or were allowed to make. Facing a possible move to SnowLeopard (just now I am still on 10.6.8 ) for a number of reasons I ponder how to get this information into DTPO: 1) I am not willing to spend a fortune on upgrading to a SnowLeopard-compatible version of FileMakerPro; 2) DTPO is quite handy and effective in searching; linking within the database is REALLY handy. 3) I plan to collect and work within DTPO, writing is done in LaTeX, bibliographical reference-information is kept in Bibdesk.

I am asking you database wizards about the best way to accomplish this:

Individual records should become individual files in DTPO. Denominator (number) as well as „name“ should be in the title/name of these files in DTPO.

I’d like to be able to sort the records according location (I mean archival material) as part of later searches in DTPO and plan to (semi-automatically) recreate the archival structure in a folder structure within DTPO (as replicants I suppose)

I might have to combine the relevant fields of records into (new) fields and then export as what?

(I am NOT a AppleScript-savy person at all…)

best regards,


Is it possible to print your records into a single PDF and then split the PDF with Acrobat or another utility into separate files? Getting the file names the way you wish would be the difficult part.

It has been a while since I used FMP6.0 - we are now at 12.0, and yes they want 299 USD for an update. An event that seems to happen every other year or so.

You should be able to export your database to comma separated text. You can then put the data in a “Sheet” in DevontThink. If you are handy with a text editor and GREP, you should be able to format the .csv file or .tab file (you can export via tabs) as well.

If that doesn’t work for you, I might be able to help on my end. Let me know offline, if I can help.

Well, thanks for your replys! This will be a longer exercise, obviously. I am going to test within Filemaker to get 1) the relevant data into some specialised fields for export (combining filenumber/title/excerpts-data) and the 2) test export.

What I am not so happy with is putting stuff into a DTPO-sheet. So I then would have to split the cvs-file or other version of export into individual files. How to achieve this I a not so sure yet. Will report back when I get further with Part 1 and 2.



You should be able to consolidate your FMP data using either the concantenation function (&) or possibly using mailing labels. I know the latter may seem strange, but it is a good way to get text where you want it on a page. If you can get a record on a page, you should be able to print your output to pdf and then cut up the pdfs with a utility like PDFSam. Hopefully on import, if the title is the top line of the document, DT will pick it up as a title. Otherwise, you will have to use the set title to, which can be rather tedious.

As I said before, I would be glad to look at your problem, Just send me a record or 10 from FMP to play with.