FileMaker to DT?

I have a FileMaker 7 database with about 350 records. Each record is a software product I own and its registration number.

How can I bring this info into DT and keep it manageable? So far, the only way I know how to do it is to export as tab delimited text from FM and then import the whole file (meaning all 350 records) into DT. This doesn’t really work for me, as I need each record to be separate file.

Any suggestions? I know there must be a better solution. No?


P.S. Sorry for cross-posting in other forums, but really need to solve this problem.

I’m not sure why you want each record to be a separate file, but I’d look at AppleScript or even Automator to help you out. That way you can create a separate DT record for each FM record.

Also: have you thought of using a sheet with a CSV file?

I want separate files because otherwise I have to alphabetize new information. With separate files the organization is automatic.

What’s the advantage of saving as CSV? Please explain. Thanks!


Actually now that I think of it both tab-delimited and CSV result in a sheet so disregard that remark please. :slight_smile:

So in that case I’d shoot for AppleScript or Automator (but only if FileMaker has decent support for it).

I’ve already thought of using an AppleScript or Automator script but have yet to find one out there (not a scripter myself, unfortunately!).


In that case I would post a query on the scripting forum. Since I have no copy of FileMaker I can’t make any suggestions.

Good idea. I’ll give it a try. Thanks.