Filename .rtf becomes .rtf.rtfd

As soon as I activate preferences>general>appearance>‘show filename extensions’ I get filenames with .rtf.rtfd when adding attachments. When I deactivate this setting the filename just changes from .rtf to .rtfd, which is the right behaviour if you ask me.

Is this something that can be corrected with a new update?

What is the file name in Finder?

The same as in DT: name.rtf.rtfd

So the file is ill-named. Maybe fix the file?

But maybe even better is fixing the ill-naming by DT.
The file is made in DT not dragged or imported.

So far I couldn’t reproduce this. When exactly does this happen? E.g. after synchronizing? Are the files indexed or imported?

No importing or indexing. I describe my steps:

  1. New .rtf file with data>new>rich text
  2. Drag attachment f.i. .PNG in this note
  3. DT changes filename to name.rtf.rtfd instead of name.rtfd

When I disable preferences>general>appearance>show filename extensions and repeat the same steps DT changes the filename from name.rtf to name.rtfd

I was able to reproduce this after enabling this option and entering a name for the created file immediately (!) after step 1. Thank you!

The next release will fix this.

Tx. I look forward. Hope I succeed in also make my search issue reproducible before next release.