Files have 'moved in" to my inbox refuse to leave or pay rent


For the most part this latest update has fixed my duplicates problem, or at the very least made it much much easier not to be constantly trying to unravel that hot mess, but I have noticed a new quirk specific to 3.5 (at least I don’t remember seeing it prior though with the duplicates issues I was having it’s hard to tell),

I’ve noticed files not wanting to be moved from the inbox database. I will move it to the database I want it in, only to see the exact same file back in the inbox the next time I open up Devonthink. This behavior happens even if I were to delete the file and empty the trash. The next time I open my database, there is waiting for me. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar? Or is there a quick fix for it? Love the new update though, I was getting crazy frustrated leading up to it.

  • How are you adding the files to the Global Inbox?

  • Check ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox for extraneous files.

Where do the insistent files come from? Is there some sync involved?

And what Smart Rules do you use for moving files?

Manually adding and manually moving to destination. No smart rules involved. Those particular files I’m not sure, but I believe I downloaded the pdf and added the pdf o the inbox not necessarily immediately afterwards either. Though I very well could have used one of the browser extensions and done it that way.

There is a file in there titled DEVONtech_storage

Remove it and see if the issue persists.