Files missing from database

I indexed a folder which contains a lot of pdf files (about 13000) in it. But, the folder within DT contains only about 8000 of them.

“Update Indexed items” and " Verify and Repair" do not seem to do anything.

Is rebuilding the next step, or do I have other (easier) options?

What’s in the database’s Trash?

And have you read and understood the In & Out > Importing & Indexing section of the Help?

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I do know the difference between indexing and importing: have been a long time user.

The trash is empty.

I probably deleted some of them for some reason. But, isn’t DT supposed to pick them up when I tell it to update indexed items (folders)?

I probably deleted some of them for some reason.

Deleted from where exactly?

I deleted some of the files within the indexed folder from the database.
They are indeed available in the finder. They are marooned if I borrow the word from Bookends.

A marooned attachment is a file in an attachments folder that is not attached to any references. It is the obverse of an orphaned attachment, which is an attachment name stored in the Bookends database for which there is no corresponding file.

From bookends manual.

I deleted some of the files within the indexed folder from the database.

If you deleted files from an indexed parent group and emptied the database’s Trash, those files would be moved to the system Trash and not present in the Finder folder. If you didn’t empty the database’s Trash, the files would remain in the Finder folder.

Where are you indexing from?

They exist in finder because I clicked “only from database” when I cleared the trash.

I have a folder within my Bookends attachment folder it @articles which contains attachments of articles I collected over the years. I indexed the parent folder: @articles (not the individual files) to DT.

  • @articles folders contains the files. They are not deleted from there.
    But, DT is showing only half of them.


I think that happens only when you agree to delete the files from the system altogether. If you choose to remove them “only in database”, they still remain in finder.

  • Have you indexed the same Finder folder into more than one database or multiple locations in one database?
  • Have you reorganized indexed files to non-indexed locations in the database?

Turns out the database was corrupted. It was not updating at all.

Rebuilding it fixed the issue.

Thank you for the help dear @BLUEFROG

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You’re welcome and I’m glad to hear it’s working now :slight_smile: