Files small after deleting

I use DT all the time importing and cataloging files. I recently created a database on my wife’s computer and imported all the pdf’s and jpgs she wanted organized. When I deleted the files from her hard drive every file in DT became incredibly small and low res. What pref am I missing that avoids this?

*Also the only thing different I did importing the files to this DT file was that the pdf’s etc. resided in the folder where I created the database when I imported them. Since the files were in the same folder did the import actually act as an indexing and DT shows the low res because it can’t find the originals after I deleted them? I always import files from folders other than where the DT file resides except in this case.

It sounds like the path to the files is being broken but how can that be if I Import the files (not index)?



Hi, John. Is your wife upset with you?

I keep my databases in my Documents folder, and often import folders that are also in the Documents folder. That doesn’t create a problem.

Select one of those ‘incredibly small’ documents and open the Info panel. Carefully inspect the Path. If you had Imported the images, the path should point to the Files folder inside the database package file. But if the images were Indexed, the path would point to a Finder location outside the database package.

Hi Bill

Well it’s been more of an embarrassment than anything. I’ve told her how great DT will be for her project then something happens that I can’t explain. Makes techno-husband look a little lame!

When I first imported the files I looked in the database and they were in the Files folder. I wanted to make sure before I deleted them. They were definitely imported.

I found the files in the trash and put them in another spot on her drive. I then re-imported one of the files (into a new group) to see what would happen. The old file (and new) name turned blue because of the dupe and the old file also regained it size. Kinda weird. So then I tired something else and re-built the database. This seems to have worked. I deleted the files again and they are the correct size in DT. I checked the path and they are in the Files folder. But of course they were there before too!

Here’s another thought. After I imported the files the first time my wife changed the name of the database. Could this have somehow affected DT and the files?