Files to be Excluded From Database

Are there any type of DOCUMENT FILES that should be EXCLUDED from the database?

I want to create a script which will place each file I create, after a certain time period, into a general database, separated into folders, separated by file-type.

I mainly want to do this to maintain free space on my internal hard drive and to archive the entire database at the end of each year.

Are there any flaws in this thinking or any files which should NOT BE included?

It’s not a good idea to import DEVONthink databases (.dtBase2). Otherwise, I wouldn’t say there’s much to exclude – but you’d want to consider if it’s worthwhile to import documents that DEVONthink cannot search, classify, or perhaps display – FileMaker or other databases, non-image binaries, etc. Things that would just take up space without giving you access to the data within those document. If you run Windows in a VM on your machine, it’s also a good idea to avoid the folders that Windows manages.

Remember that DEVONthink is not a file browser – it is not a Finder replacement – it is not a replacement for Photos or Mail – and it is not a file system. Your computer already has those things and they’re pretty good. There’s no value in cramming databases full of stuff just because you can. Work out your use case(s): “what am I going to do with this database?”

Thanks for that information! You do have me thinking about, “why” I want to do this.

Over the years, I’ve used Apple Computers and they (as well as others) have evolved and decided that some Applications can be done away with or improved. When this happens, I have lost old files because they were not continually updated with the latest Application being used or the the source of media the data is being stored on (the latest: I’ve got many CD-ROM with data and CDs seem to be going away).

So, DevonThink seems to be the one constant where I can store information for present and future recall and one place where I can keep the file and if necessary import it into another Application in keeping it current.

This may not make for a good use of DevonThink but, it reduces my grief.

Comments are Welcome.

Well, databases age out too. I have some old databases which contain files that cannot be opened anymore. Things fall apart.

I can see both sides of this with one warning: As with any backup process, don’t confuse it for proper primary backups and mind that it’s not the only copy you have. The beauty of our database file format is that it’s a very simple mechanism, so your data should be accessible in the future (assuming the backup media and process is good).