Files without tag or group live...

still trying to get my head around some concepts.

Things start in Inbox, unless there are RSS.
I can move things from the Inbox to a group, and then add tags.
I move stores I want to keep from their RSS feed to a group called Keep, and add tags.

What happens if I remove the group?
The actual item still has tags, so can I only find it from searching and drilling down through tags?

What happens then if I remove the tags?
I suppose I have to set up a smartGroup that looks for things that have escaped my talons…

But then if tags are groups and groups are tags I could end up with a group called Notes.
Each of the notes would have a tag.

If I wanted to then make selecting some notes easier, I could group them together into a group, but the chances are the name of the group would also be one of the tags.

I feel like a 1960’s robot caught in a paradox logic trick…

Assuming that there are no replicants, if you delete a group containing documents then the documents are deleted also. However, documents can be in the root of the database (not in a group), but you can access them without using/searching for tags.

Tags are optional, so if you remove the tags or delete an entire tag, the only change to the document is that it no longer has the tag(s).

I was making a very basic mistake; I was using tags to store things, rather than groups.
Things where only going into groups when I had a use for them.

Will now go back and move everything into groups, and just use tags as like a summery of what the items are; ie only have a tag image, and not sub-tags logo / animated

And for things I don’t have a use for (yet) I will just create a group to reflect just that.
I guess just have to get over my hang up of have lots of folders called the same thing, just in different locations.


my head hurts.
lets use images as an example.

I have ones I have found that I like, will use in projects or just keep.
They can be logos/ animated / themes / UI / monsters.

I can create a group called “images i like”, and sub groups called as above.
Then when I use an image in a project I can move it to that project, in a folder called images, allowing it to exist in a group for the first time.

If I am going to use it in more than one project (which is nothing more than a group) I can create a replicant for the second project.
Or I could create a replicant from the original group, and use it in the two projects.

I would then use tags for adding information like city (what the logo looks like), cartoon (for the animation), and blue (for the guess you know by now).

No idea why, but the thought of replicant files doesnt sit nice

I would have done it by have each of the images tagged hierarchy, then just create a smart group collating the tags that I need for that project. I guess this might end up with items not wanted in a project, but then I could just add a rule.

(Things one finds to do at 4am waiting for the Mars Lander to land)
((This is like Aspergers Heaven))

You should become comfortable using replicants-they are a powerful feature of DEVONthink.

It does not matter which instance of the document you replicate from, all replicants are pointers to one occurrence of the document in the database. Even the occurrence in the original group is a pointer to the document in the database. If you need to delete a replicant, it also doesn’t matter to DEVONthink which occurrence you delete-it’s not like an alias of a document in the Finder.

There’s no right or wrong way to set up your databases, although some ways will be better than others! I believe you are on track with your example here. Set up a group or groups for your images and leave them there. Then replicate them to other project groups as needed.