DEVONthink is freaking amazing.  You guys rule!

I am curious what other file types you are planning to include in DEVONthink’s database?

May I request iChat logs?

It seems the trend is viewability within the application but if another solution is offered for file types I would drool over being able to put all my Keynote files, Excel files, Word files, and Omni Graffle documents in there.

(small feature request,…be able to drag directories out of DEVONthink into the finder even when they have no files in them…and/or copy/paste with files/folders within DEVONthink)

         Happy mac user   :smiley:

As stated in another posting the Standard Edition will support AppleWorks/Word initially and Quicktime (Audio/Video), PS, TeX, mbox, IPTC/EXIF later on. And we’ll check the iChat logs - shouldn’t be that difficult  :)

Dragging in OS X is currently kind of limited, especially if one tries to support 10.1.x too. We’ll have to see…