Filesize increase after OCR

Hi, I am currently testing DevonThink Pro Office, and I’m loving it so far.

One problem I noticed, though, is that the size of pdfs becomes very large after performing an OCR. Today, for example, after performing OCR on a 19-page, 2M pdf file, the file size became 8M. I don’t understand why this is happening – as I understand it, OCR only adds an “additional text layer” to the images, so it shouldn’t increase the file size by that much… or am I missing something?

What could possibly be going on, and is there a solution to this problem?

Unfortunately, the IRIS engine replaces the original image with its processed one as well. In most cases it turns out to be bigger. There is a workflow example that will downsample the image to 96dpi, this will reduce the filesize a bit (the current default now is 150dpi which is a compromise between readability on screen and print output).

Thanks, annard! Does the program resize the files to 150 dpi only if I’m scanning from within DT, or does it happen even for documents that are already scanned?

Same in both cases.