Filing/Archiving away items from Omnifocus into DT

Following the GTD metaphor it is considered good (even: best?) practice to put items that are no tasks yet either in trash, archive or someday-maybe - neither of which I’d like to host in Omnifocus (my GTD app).

So, is there a way (script?) to send such an item straight from Omnifocus into Devonthink (containing all information and even attachments)?

I read about a cool script by Rob Trew But if I understand it correctly, this script rather copies an Omnifocus-tast into Devonthink and creates a back-link from Devonthink to the Omnifocus-task. However, I would like to move the Omnifocus-item (which most likely is not an actionable task just yet) entirely into Devonthink and then delete the item in Omnifocus for good.


There is currently no such script (and we don’t maintain third-party scripts). You could contact the original author to see about a modification.

To me, moving the entries from OF to DT would just create another bucket that needs to be constantly reviewed. It would add friction instead of reducing it. I keep all my someday/maybes and future projects/tasks in a folder in OF so they are readily available for review along with all my other projects at whatever frequency I’ve set for them.