filing from dropbox into DTPO

I do a lot of work on a PC, save it to dropbox and want to save it to DTPO. I have just started using Hazel and Keyboard Maestro, but would need very elemental help knowing where to past script. I see discussions of script, but have no idea where they would be pasted in DTPO. I see a folder for script, so maybe just put in the script folder as a file.

I am thinking I could have a word in the file that would mean send it to the a DTPO group or at the very least to a specific database. Even getting the file automatically sent to the DTPO would be preferred keeping it in the Dropbox.

Another method would be to make folders in dropbox that would automatically send a new file to the correct place in DTPO. I have Hazel doing that for folders on my hard disc, but DTPO seems like a different situation. I guess I don’t know how to figure out the path or address of files in DTPO.

I don’t think making a dropbox database will help me.

Where should I go to even start thinking of this. It seems like such a common need. I would like to do as little dropping and dragging of files as is possible.

Hi. There are probably a bunch of possibilities, but the easiest one would probably be to “index” a folder in Dropbox. Whenever you want a file to go into DT, just put it in that folder.

Index the Dropbox folders you want to appear in your database(s). A folder can be indexe in more than one database. If you create a document in DEVONthink – or import it from elsewhere – you can put the document into an indexed folder and use the contextual menu to move the document “externally” – which means transfer the document to Dropbox and also index it in DEVONthink.

How to indexing, and the answers to most of the rest of your questions, are already addressed in Help/the Manual and lots of prior threads in the forum.

[size=85](I’m not discouraging you from asking questions, but encouraging you to take advantage of the very in-depth information already available. Browsing Help, the Manual, or this forum can uncover lots of suggestions that you might never have come across.)[/size]