Filing multi copies of the same Datafile

Hello all
My monthly dumb question.
If you have a Data file that you want to go from the inbox to multiple groups locations, do you:

A. Make duplicates in the inbox and move them individually to each group.
B. Same as above but replicate them in the inbox
C. Move the original to the first group, then go to that group and replicate to the next group.

  1. Once you move a data file to a group, what is the easiest way to “go to last data filed”. For example, if want to check if a data file went to the correct location, is there a quick way of doing this with out drilling down the database to the folder?


Kim Marietta

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My first assumption is that the documents are in the database Inbox and not the Global Inbox.

Duplicating is very different from replicating, so here is what I would suggest for replicating. The preferred method depends on the setting for tagged groups. If your groups have tagging enabled, there is no need to manually replicate the documents at all. Tag the document in the Inbox with your group tags and then delete what is now a replicant in the Inbox. If the groups do not have tagging enabled, then I would right-click and replicate to the desired destinations.

I would still replicate the document everywhere I wanted it and then delete the replicant in the Inbox, just because it’s a reflex for me. This makes it easier to answer your second question also. Select the replicant in the Inbox, Command-Shift-I to show info, and check the Instances panel at the bottom of the info display to ensure all replicants are where you expect them to be. If so, then close the info pane and delete the Inbox replicant.

I never duplicate anything, so I have nothing to suggest on what might work best for that.

Big help. I forgot about he info button which I have sitting in my custom tool bar.