Fill in Entry Location and Empty Inbox

I have been using OmniFocus and I find it very easy to file away to do tasks in the appropriate project folders. Not so in DTPO. It would be great if that is one of the new features. In OmniFocus, in the location bar (in their case ‘Project’), I start typing what I remember to be the project title, and the relevant ones appear. Once I see the one I have in mind, I select it and I am all set.

Another good feature that I see in Omnifocus is that once I file the task, it disappears from my Inbox folder. I do not find this to be the case for DTPO. I have to drag an item to the appropriate folder for it to disappear from the Inbox. I thought, for instance, that when I type in the tag bar the names of the folders I want the entry to be filed in, the entry does not disappear from my Inbox. I wish that this was easier and more automated.

I am just seconding my own request once more. I am working in DTPO and I really wish that filing items in their appropriate folders were as easy as adding tags. I hope the developers add this feature in an upgrade soon. This feature of filing items away quickly in OmniFocus greatly helps my workflow, and I wish I could see it in DTPO.

And since I am at it, I have a second request: dragging items into a smart folder while the items automatically acquire the necessary tags will also be useful. That’s a feature I have in Journler, and I realize that it is handy.

This is not possible as Smart Groups do not contain anything (and Journler likely not doing the same thing under-the-hood).

May be DTPO might do something under the hood then, too.