Filter by label?

I’ve set up a DTPO database to manage a project. Items are replicated into folders based on where they take place, when, and the department they’re assigned to. It’s all great except for one thing: I’d like to be able to filter the database and see only “Open” items, i.e., items not yet accomplished. I’ve created an “Open” label which identifies each open item in a given folder, but it’d be great to switch to a different view of the database, and see only those folders which have open items in them.

Any way to do this?

(I tried using “Comments”, but when you filter by Comments, the items are shown without Tags or any other way of identifying which folders they belong to.)

Do you want to view the groups containing items with the label “Open” or do you want to view only the labelled items? The first task is not possible but the second one can be done via smart groups.

Thanks for that. The Smart Groups approach is okay, but if there were a way to show which Groups that have Open items, it would work better for my purposes.

The “Flag” might be more useful for this task. Just ensure that the “State” column is visible (in column, list, split & three-pane views or search results), flag the items that are open and the enclosing group(s) will be marked too.

Ah hah! It took me a while to figure this out, but finally I saw it. If an item in a folder is flagged, there’ll be a “dash” to the left of the folder’s name in the folder pane. If all the items in that folder are flagged, the mark changes to a flag. Also, clicking in that column to the left of a folder flags every item in the folder.

This is pretty helpful to me - thanks much.