Filter by Tags in Groups

Heres what would be the crowing glory of a much underrated app for me. If it were possible to view a single group (eg in 3 pane view) and be able to filter the content therein by tag (ideally by having the tag pane down the right hand side). I dont see any way of doing this at present but happy to be proved wrong

I dont want to set up smart groups as this would lead to too many smart groups the way I have it set up.

What i have is a group for each client and within that may be several different categories for each client based on the type of work I do for the client. The clients are the groups and the category of work is the tag. I want to click on the client and then be able to see a sub set of their documents based on the tags I choose.

Any chance?

If your groups are included for tagging, or at least for those groups that are included for tagging, then in Tag view you can do a multiple selection: select the group (the tags for these are gray) and command-click the relevant blue tags to add to the selection. What is then displayed in the document list is the intersection of all these tags, which is what your request requires.

Done. 8)

I can hear the crowing all the way over here … :laughing:

The only problem with this is the number of groups I have makes this a little unwieldy. Unless…you can sort the tags in the tag view by “real” tags and then by “group” tags?