"Filter Junk" not working?

What sorts of pages should I expect to see filtered out as “Junk” in the DA log?

I just ran a query that returned 82 documents, but there were an additional 38 “Junk” documents in the log, all of which contained my search phrase!

(I’m running DA Pers Ed 2.3.1 on Mac OS X1 0.6.4.)


The “Junk” filter of DEVONagent 2.3.1 prefers “useful” (which is a matter of taste) textual information but the search term doesn’t matter as this filter is only applied to matching pages. Therefore you could simply disable it.

BTW: The “Junk” filter will be probably replaced by an “Article” filter in DEVONagent 2.5 as such a filter doesn’t depend that much on taste.