Filter Search by Publication Date

Is it possible to filter search results by publication date? For example, I’m looking for an alternative to a particular application, but DEVONAgent returns app reviews from 5+ years ago. I’d like to only receive articles published after certain date. Is this possible? Thanks.

That’s not yet possible. The only possibility right now would be to used customized plugins, see Help > Support Assistant > Extras and Google (Last Week/Year) plugins for example.

Alright. Thanks.

I see there are plug ins for Google search last year and last week.
What about the other Google options: last month, last 24 hours, and especially custom range. Are there plug ins for those? If not are they easy to make by editing the existing ones?

How about date-related plug ins for bing and other search engines?

This is important to me and many of us.


The only possibility right now is to duplicate & edit the existing ones.