Filtering against single archives still not possible

About two years ago I asked about a solution to an ongoing and nagging issue with DevonAgent. That is, there is no way to filter search results against a single archive. I need to be able to update any number of stored searches and have only new results returned but new in the sense of new to that search. The fact that a page was found in another search is not relevant to me as I may need to see it again in a different context.

The above response was from August 2009 and in over two years, this issue has never been addressed. It is the one thing that prevents me from an unqualified recommendation for DA and one thing that Copernic Agent Pro did far better.

Any chance of ever getting this functionality? I cannot believe I am the only one with this issue.

That’s what filtering of archived pages does.

Actually this should already be possible by using multiple search sets (one for each search) and the “Only new pages” option.

Finally, another possibility is to save each search via File > Save As. After opening the search again, use the “Append” button to get additional results.

Ok, understand the first method now and I didn’t realize that this capability was now part of DA…excellent!

I think I understand the second method but when I open a stored search and then hit the Append instead of Search button, I don’t see a way to see which of the results are new.

You could either mark former results as read, use “Unsorted” sorting or delete the previous results before appending new results.


I continue to think it would be great if it were possible to filter the results against a single archive instead of the whole archive as this would simplify the process. However, at least the same result can be achieved with the methods you highlighted for me.

DA has come a long way in the last versions.!