filtering out link aggregators

This is less of a tip/trick than a request for one.

I’ve set up a scheduled search that looks for occurrences of our company and product name,
the idea being to keep up with articles and web sites that discuss our product.

The problem is that I get a lot of aggregator pages – pages containing a link and
summary [usually the first page of the linked site] of similar products. Besides being
a blight on the internet in general, these pages rank highly and update frequently
enough to always be at the top of my agent results.

Weeding these out, however, is difficult. I do not want to eliminate sites with links
to our website, and the summaries contain enough relevant text to make it past
the ‘junk’ filter.

My stopgap solution is to exclude pages which contain specific excerpts from our

Has anyone come up with a better solution?


You could use “Data > Delete & Exclude Domain” for example, then DEVONagent won’t report pages hosted on this domain anymore.

Another possibility might be to use secondary queries, e.g. copy the standard query to the secondary query and then add something like " BUT NOT (word1 OR word2 OR …)" (without quotes). As the primary query is sent to search engines, this term should usually not contain more than 10 words but the secondary query is unlimited.