Filtering/searching for Label on DTTG

Just checking: is there a way to search for or filter for a specific label in DTTG? I can’t seem to find one. I expected a search phrase like label=6 to work, but label doesn’t seem to be a usable search scope.

No, just the smart group for all labels.

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Thanks! I was sure this had already been asked here somewhere, but failed to find it after a few searches.

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Still nothing new on this apparently. It’s been almost 5 years since this request was asked, and it seems like a pretty big win for the DTTG app. Curious why no movement on this? Can someone elaborate why this function still doesn’t exist?

Firstly: Did you even try to use label: 1 (or 2 or whatever number you need to filter for) in your search in DTTG? At least here, that works. So what exactly is not working in your case?

I’m sure someone can. But what’s the point? The developer have explained multiple times here that

  • their resources are limited
  • they have to prioritize tasks
  • they’re working on a better editor for DTTG

I doubt that they get more work done when they have to repeat themselves here over and over again.

Unless you’re referring to some other thread (but in that case – why asking here), it is just two years ago that the request was made.

@chrillek is correct.

You can use the search prefix label: and the number of the desired label.

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