Final import from EN—a bunch of files where there was only one?

I know this has been mentioned before, but I am afraid I cannot figure out what to do. Here is the situation.

I have imported my data from EN, however, most of my EN files are now in a folder (group?) and where there was one file before there are now at least two files in the group. One of these is the actual document file and the second is a small file containing just the file name of the document file.

This is inconvenient and confusing for my use of DT. Is there a simple way to remove all of these unneeded files and move the useful file out of its group and into the main database list so that I can simply scan down the list of documents and click on the document I want to see?

I have attached a screenshot to demonstrate my question.

I do realise that this issue has been discussed before, but I cannot find a simple answer to this question or a simply solution. If someone knows how to proceed to fix this problem please let me know. Many thanks.


Not help? If so, please explain what happens instead