Find a file modified recently

Recently I created a file in devonthink but I forgot where did I save it and how I named it. Is there any way to get a list of all the files modified, in the las week, for example?

If you are using DT3 you could try this smart rule:



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Or just use the advanced search (e.g. additionDate:This Week or additionDate:Last Week), smart groups are overkill if you don’t need them frequently.

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If I use Search with

modificationDate: Last Week

I get no documents, if I use the smart rule as Stephen mentioned above, I get a list of 24 documents. How is this possible?

Try modificationDate:Last Week. You can also change the settings of the search via the advanced options of the search.

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If I choose to Save a search, how do I go back and get a list of my Saved searches? I cannot find this in the manual. It must be obvious in the GUI but I do not see it.

Searches are saved as (global) smart groups.

The smart group is saved, depending on the scope you’re searching in.
Per the Help > Documentation > Windows > Main Window > Search Pane

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