find all records in group like finding record with a tag

Via the Advanced section in DTPro’s Search window I can find all records with a specific tag as one list. How can I do this for a group?

This would be handy when I convert a tag into a group.

What do you mean? If you 're trying to find files in a specific group, the location is not an available criterion.

That’s exactly what I mean: A way to construct a search which returns all documents in a group.

This should be possible:

  1. Create a new smart group
  2. Select the group in the “Search in” popup
  3. Add the condition “Kind is Any Document”
  4. Add more conditions if necessary

Super cool! Thanks heaps. Very clever. Exactly what I was looking for.

I have similar doubt:
As a new user of DT office pro I want to define smart group to find Ungrouped items.
What criteria should I use?
Many Thanks

The hard way:
Make a Smart Group with criterion: Kind is Any Document
In the results, select View > Columns > Location, then sort on the Location column. Ungrouped items (in the root of the database) will show no location.

The easy way:
Switch to View > as Split, and ungrouped items in the root of the database will be visible.

Thanks for the reply.
Either of both solution implies just what I wanted to avoid: Solve it “visually”.
I would prefer, it to be possible, to use a criterion as:
location…does not contain…”>”
In any case thank you very much