Find all replicants of an item in search

I know that we can see all replicants of an item from the inspector bar. But is there a way to search for all replicants of an item by using the search function?

A realistic scenario: I want to clean up some unwanted replicants of an item, it would be easier to select and delete all the unwanted replicants from the results list. Else I’ll need to use the inspector bar of the item to go to one location at a time for the deletion (and go back to select another unwanted replicant again)?

Thanks you in advance

Thanks for the feedback! So far it’s intentional that replicated items are returned only once by search.

Thanks for the info. I am 100% agreeing that only one instance should be seen in all standard search else it would be VERY confusing.

I know that the search of location of all replicants can be done by script for this very occasionally conducted house cleaning work (just produce a list of all parents of an item that is not ordinary tags). Just hoping that some additional parameter/s in the std search can allow us to do that (but definitely not a pressing need for now) .