Find and delete missing files

I’m not able to sync because some indexed files are missing. When I run “Verify and Repair,” I get the number of files that are missing…but no way to find and delete them.

Help? What’s the trick here?

I’m also facing this issue – a large database suddenly has 26 files reported as missing – but no way for me to see what files have disappeared. And thus, no way to do anything about it. Any suggestions? Thank you.

After a report of missing files by the Verify & Repair procedure, check the Log (Window > Log) for the list. The list can be saved.

Tools > Rebuild Database would clear the missing files out of the database.

thanks very much, Bill!!

It is helpful to update all indexed files and folders before a sync. This is frequently a cause of reports of missing files.

This seems to work:
In a window where I see indexed files and I notice some are missing or “Drive not mounted”
I select ALL and then choose
“Sort by path”

All missing files are grouped!
Double check, however, by clicking on a couple at top and bottom before deleting.

Anyone see a problem with this?
Any advantage to rebuilding the entire database instead?

Joseph Roberson

“Drive Not Mounted” just means that. If the drive was mounted, the files would be available.

If you’re comfortable with doing a mass delete, go for it.

It would clean up the missing files and rebuild the index. I’m a fan of it personally.