Find and remove similar/duplicated files


I am a long-time user of DTP. I remember DTP used to have a “Find duplicates” script that worked very well, especially with large PDF databases. The new “Find & Remove Similar Content” displays a pop-up window that only compares the file names, but you cannot compare the documents side-by-side.

Is the old Find Duplicates option no longer available? Is it possible to group all duplicates and compare them before deleting them?

Thanks for your support.

Actually the script shipping with DEVONthink Pro (Office) always worked like that, maybe you used a different script in the past?

Maybe, but it was always installed with the “Extras”. It grouped all suspected duplicates and you could scroll through the docs one by one.

Does such functionality still exist?



It’s definitely not a feature shipping with DEVONthink or available in the support assistant. Maybe it was a third-party script from the forum?

You can create a “smart group” that lists all suspected duplicates, however, not similar items. I have modified the “Find and Remove Similar Items” to tag those items as similar, and created a smart group for those as well, as I often end up with the same item in different file formats.

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