Find filenames starting with certain string in smart folder

I have a question about collecting stuff in smart folders:

I have a load of files using this naming convention:


Now I would like to create a smart folder getting everything starting with ‘2013’. But this seems impossible. Both, the regular search and the ‘unsharp’ one don’t find the correct files (Either too much, or not enough). I even tinkered with RegEx-search strings (e.g. [^2013], but the results were not what I expected.

Any hint

PS: This is a crosspost from the german forum, so sorry if german readers read twice :wink:

Although a simple search by Name for the term “2013” will include in the results any item that contains that term anywhere in the Name, if you sort the results by Name it’s easy to isolate those items for which the term is the prefix.

While that’s true it’s quite cumbersome to get a definite search result, for a simple search, which could be done in any SQL query.

And - even worse - it doesn’t help my smart folder which should only contain exactly these items (for example I just want these files to get synced).

I know, I can tag or group these files manually, but that’s what I can do in the Mac Finder. I’m looking for something more sophisticated :wink:

The next release of DEVONthink may provide you with an answer. :slight_smile:

This is all I need to know! :slight_smile:

When do I get it?? :laughing:

The policy is to never promise a release date. 8)

I didn’t ask for a release date! :mrgreen: