Find function


is there a way to assign a global shortcut to the Find function of the DT sitting in the dock. I’d like to avoid moving the mouse over the icon, click once and choose “find” then.

Would be very comfortable to call this from every app you are in.

Any ideas?


You could use the service "DEVONthink > Lookup" and its shortcut in all applications supporting services.

Thanks for that, though, I need to select a string to show the respective window. ANy other way to pop up the lookup window?


You could use the Dock menu and choose “Search…”. Or maybe we’ll add a Spotlight like search field to the main menu - anyone interested in this?

That would be pretty nice. :slight_smile:

Sounds useful but can you elaborate just a bit so I can be sure? :slight_smile:

Difficult to tell - haven’t seen Spotlight in action yet (waiting for the DVD :slight_smile:. But such a menu extra could provide a search field, list all results in a popup and clicking on a result could open a DT (Pro) window. But don’t expect this in DT (Pro) 1.9 - maybe 1.9.x or 2.0.

Ahh, that would be handy.

Waiting for the Tiger Preview DVD, too. :slight_smile: